“Oriental Obsession” Exhibit

In addition to the geopolitical dimension of this present age, throughout centuries “oriental obsession” has represented an instinctive attraction to people and civilizations perceived as exotic, and therefore, with an irresistible seductive pull, that have ventured into vastly different intellectual fields: literature, religion, philosophy, politics, science, art.

Contemporary art exhibit Oriental Obsession offers a “slice of life” surrounded by geographic themes and origins. Distinct works with heterogeneous techniques recall examples drawn from the region’s artistic past and present without prejudice, filtered by the most diverse stimuli: Maoism that encounters the iconography of consumerism, the adoption of advanced digital technologies reinterprets the traditional techniques of Asian calligraphy.

The exhibit proposes in its complexity an intriguing dichotomy of myth and ritual from contemporary China, as paired with capitalist forms in an ever more neutral light. The paintings are reminiscent of the pop art of Shi Xinning, Feng Zhengjie and Zhou Tiehai; the social critic of Yang Fudong, focused on the cultural heritage tied to the end of the Maoist cultural revolution; and Wang Qinsong reflects on globalization.

Promoted by Luisa Via Roma on occasion of the 10th edition of Firenze4Ever, the exhibit presents a selection of works from the prestigious collection of Ernesto Esposito.


Wang Qingsong, Cui Xiuwen, He Sen, Shi Xinning, Jota Castro, Zhou Tiehai, Yang Fudong, Ma Liuming, Feng Zhengjie, Nobuyoshi Araki, Cui Xiuwen, Han Yajuan, MR., Pearl Hsiung, Phillip Lai

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