Dolce & Gabbana Special Collection for LuisaViaRoma

For the 10th edition of Firenze4Ever, LuisaViaRoma turns its attention to the East with an event that unites art, music, fashion and technology. In honor of the event, Dolce & Gabbana is releasing an exclusive accessory collection available only at LUISAVIAROMA.COM and in the LuisaViaRoma concept store in Florence, Italy. The 5 items of the … Continued

LuisaViaRoma Promotes Innovation

The Fashion & Technology Summit is a collaboration between LuisaViaRoma, the City of Florence and leading web technology companies created to promote growth in fashion technology innovation as well as economic prosperity and job creation. Launched for the first time in January 2015 at Palazzo Vecchio, the two day program connects a select cohort of … Continued

“Oriental Obsession” Exhibit

In addition to the geopolitical dimension of this present age, throughout centuries “oriental obsession” has represented an instinctive attraction to people and civilizations perceived as exotic, and therefore, with an irresistible seductive pull, that have ventured into vastly different intellectual fields: literature, religion, philosophy, politics, science, art. Contemporary art exhibit Oriental Obsession offers a “slice … Continued

Style Lab

Started in June 2010 to celebrate LUISAVIAROMA.COM’s 10th anniversary of online activity, FIRENZE4EVER is a bi-annual event that promotes and encourages interaction between brands and bloggers, offering both the opportunity to meet face-to-face and to raise their profile online. The event is at the beginning of each new fashion season, just before Florence’s Pitti Immagine … Continued

Invicta limited edition collection

Invicta presents an exclusive limited edition down jacket

In collaboration with LUISAVIAROMA, Invicta presents a Limited Edition down jacket of hundred pieces. The down jacket, entitled “Oriental Obsession,”  adds a touch of glamour to the historic vintage world of Invicta. A union that is brought  together in a unique down jacket to celebrate the 10th edition of Firenze4Ever. The brand Invicta is noted for its … Continued

Barbie gets a golden makeover for the 10th edition of LUISAVIAROMA’s Firenze4Ever

Barbie Oriental Obsession LUISAVIAROMA and MATTEL are proud to announce a special project for the 10th edition of Firenze4Ever Oriental Obsession. Barbie gets a golden makeover for the 10th edition of LUISAVIAROMA’s Firenze4Ever as Oriental Obsession Barbie, designed by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Kikuchi.* Oriental Obsession Barbie is realized by design duo Magia 2000, Mario Paglino and … Continued

Fashion & Technology Summit

Thanks to ongoing collaborations with the leading protagonists of the web economy, LUISAVIAROMA is organizing a two-day symposium on themes regarding technological innovations within the fashion system. Held in Palazzo Vecchio, the SUMMIT offers media representatives and businesses the opportunity to interact with web experts and to gain insight into the latest technology with the … Continued

Clean Bandit in streaming Exclusively at

In collaboration with Deezer and Warner Music, LUISAVIAROMA is hosting an exclusive sneak preview of the new version of New Eyes, the much awaited album from the UK music sensation Clean Bandit. A worldwide success, the band’s latest hit, “Rather Be,” boasts 4.5 million singles sold, consecrating them as band revelation of the year: the … Continued


Firenze4Ever 10th Edition – Oriental Obsession

85 years of activity – 15 years online – 10th edition of Firenze4Ever LuisaViaRoma turns its attention to the East with a golden list of special guests includes names like BoA, known for her performance in Make Your Move and her multiple musical releases, as well as actress and model Chrissie Chau who most recently … Continued

Firenze4Ever Live

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