Speaker: Andrea Panconesi

CEO of LuisaViaRoma

Andrea Panconesi

President of LUISAVIAROMA Andrea Panconesi has fashion in his DNA. He spent his childhood in his grandmother Luisa’s store in Via Roma, where the LUSIAVIAROMA concept store is still located today. As early as the 1970’s Andrea began to revolutionize the family business, taking the stores classic style in a more avant-garde direction. He began his career renovating the store windows in Via Roma, elevating them from product displays to theatrical scenes with a focus on emotional experiences, interpreted trends and visual components.

In December 1999, Andrea Panconesi founded LUISAVIAROMA.COM, an endeavor that earned him a reputation as a ‘pioneer in fashion e-commerce. Ahead of its time, the website receives over 4.000.000 unique visitors per month and is considered a premier online luxury fashion destination.


Founded in 1930 and online since 1999, LUISAVIAROMA is a luxury fashion destination based in Florence, Italy. With 4.000.000 visitors per month and free shipping with import fees included in 50 countries, the site is officially translated into 7 languages to accommodate both domestic and international customers. LUISAVIAROMA.COM offers a curated selection of young talents side-by-side with established designers and meets the demands of fashion aware customers through services including Buy it First, #LVR1ST and Firenze4Ever, a bi-annual event created to promote fashion, music, art and technology.

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