Speaker: Paola Vojnovic

Art Historian at the Opera di Santa Croce


Paola Vojnovic is an art historian at the Opera di Santa Croce, the administration body of the church and museum of Santa Croce in Florence. She collaborated on the book ‘Santa Croce in Pink’, which celebrates the women buried in Santa Croce and is a regular lecturer in Renaissance Art History at the British Institute and Syracuse University in Florence.

Paola has an MA in Renaissance Art History from Syracuse University, New York and an MA in Preservation and Management of Archaeological, Historical and Artistic Heritage from University of Siena. Before beginning her career at the Opera di Santa Croce, she interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum (Venice), Pitti Palace – Galleria d’arte Moderna (Florence) and UNESCO (Serbia).


The Opera di Santa Croce is a private no-profit laical Institution in charge of the administration of the Monumental Complex owned by FEC, an organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Founded in the fourteenth century, the corporation follows the laws that govern the relations between Italian State and Catholic Church. The opera di Santa Croce is administered by a collegiate body of elected counsellors and is ruled by the articles of the association. Entrusted with the primary task of managing, preserving and increasing the value of the structure and works preserved, the Opera promotes a number of different initiatives together with various other institutions.

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