Speaker: Elisabetta Cianfanelli

Industrial Design Specialist at the Università di Firenze Design Campus

Elisabetta Cianfelli

Elisabetta Cianfanelli is an Industrial Design Specialist at the Unviersità di Firenze Design Campus. Elisabetta  graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the faculty of Architecture in Florence, designing a wheelchair for disabled people. In 1992 she carried out research in the area of product and fashion design with a particular focus on ‘Made in Italy’ production and more specifically the manufacturing districts in Tuscany. Elisabetta has worked in many different roles throughout her career as Vice President in charge of Fashion Planning at the Università degli Studi di Firenze and project manager for Industrial Design as part of Erasmus. In 2006 she was elected Council member for Design in Florence.

Elisabetta Cianfanelli is recognized throughout Florence for her work in Industrial design and more specifically, interaction design, reverse engineering and XXI century craftsmanship.

Speaker: Gabriele Goretti


Architect, designer, senior researcher within joint research Labs between Academia-SMES relating to high-end fashion product and home furnishings. PhD in Industrial design, his research profile is focusing on relationships between design strategies and advanced manufacturing processes. Moreover his research is focusing on product values communication through design-driven innovation based on advanced technologies and traceability.

Università di Firenze Design Campus

The University of Florence can trace its origins to the ‘Studium’, established in 1321 and was established as a public university in 1923. The university is one of the largest organizations for research and higher education in Italy and plays host to more than 1900 teaching staff, 1600 administrative staff and over 55 thousand students. The University of Florence consists of 10 different school that cover a variety of faculties: Agriculture, Architecture, Economics, Education and Humanities, Engineering, Law, Human Health Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Political Science, Psychology.

The UNIFI Design campus is one of the many factions of the university and is located in Calenzano, Tuscany. The campus is the site of the Department of Architecture (DIDA), a scientific and educational area with a focus on cultural and scientific projects regarding architecture, industrial design, spatial planning and landscape.

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