Speaker: Marco Paolieri

CEO & Co-Founder of Viralize

Marco Paolieri

Marco Paolieri is the CEO and co-founder of Viralize, alongside Maurizio Sambati and Ugo Vespier. In 2011, he founded SkiceLab, an Italian-based software lab created to develop advanced and data-intensive products for both enterprises and end-users.

Marco has a Phd in Computer Architecture from the Technical University of Catalunya, Spain and a MSc in Computer Science from the Unviersity of Lugano, Switzerland. Before launching Viralize, the entrepreneur contributed as a researcher for the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.


Viralize is a self-provisioning video advertising platform that aims to deliver the right video to the perfect audience everywhere in the world on every known media platform. The company began as a
startup and was launched by Marco Paolieri, Maurizio Sambati and Ugo Vespier. With Viralize, they want to redefine the market of video advertising by perfecting a product tailor-made to respond to the needs of advertisers and publishers.

The latest addition to the service is Videocast, a fashion friendly ad technology developed in collaboration with MAXtree, which launched with the Spring/Summer 2015 Milan Fashion week collections.

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