ICON – The Lifestyle–Magazine of Germany’s biggest Sunday Newspaper “WELT am SONNTAG. From Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Dating, Men, Design, Watches – the magazine covers all the beautiful things and is available in print and digital form. ICON features some of the most influential photographers, illustrators and authors in the German-language magazine market and is geared toward fashion-conscious women who value personal editorial style and individual perspective.


Style Lab


What time of day is best for listening to music? What kind and why?
The mornings and evenings – I like Swing Music, because it’s classy.

Your favorite piece of technology? Why?
My iPhone – because Moschino makes iPhone cases like Barbies Mirror

What kind of technology would you like to see in the future?
Just more iPhones for more Barbie or McDonalds Covers.

I’m obsessed with my new YouTube-Channel! youtube.com/liebeserklaerer

In your opinion, how does art affect fashion?
Fashion is Art

What are you obsessing over lately?
My new YouTube-Channel! youtube.com/liebeserklaerer

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