Kiki is the founder and creative director of The blogger, artist, photographer and traveler is currently based in Florence, Italy. Her blog chronicles not only her personal style and passion for photography, music, fashion and travel, but also offers a unique insight into life in Florence and around the world.

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What time of day is best for listening to music? What kind and why?
For me, music is my drug, it’s a beat of my life. I actually have special playlists for different times of the day. However, the best time is evenings, when It’s a time for recharging myself relaxation. It’s the best moment to come back home, light up my candles, prepare hot ginger tea and turn on my favorite music.

Favorite piece of technology? Why?
My laptop and my camera. I can do easily do without my phone but I can’t imagine myself going places without my camera. Capturing moments and sharing them with my readers gives me the best satisfaction.

What kind of technology would you like to see in the future?
Having an opportunity to get a connection with UFO. As, I believe they do excist and watch us

I love to shine, smile, share my life’s adventures and inspire others.

In your opinion, how does art affect fashion?
Art rules the fashion. It’s very important to give a touch of art in everything you do. Fashion is not what you wear only but what you think, speak and eat. For example, your daily breakfast. It can be artistic or boring. Rather you eat a bowl of colorless yogurt itself or you add a rainbow in your plate by adding some colorful fruits and granola in it. Same with fashion. Or you follow the crowd and dressed up from up to toe in designers clothes or you wear a simple t-shirt but add an artistic splash to your look  with cool hat or sunnies.

What are you obsessing over lately?
Crystals, veganism and grey color.

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