Orsola Branzi, more commonly known as La Pina, is a rapper, radio host and Tv presenter. On her return to Milan, after a brief period in bologna, she recorded her first tracks together with a group of girlfriends. La Pina began her career at Radio Deejay in 1994, going on to host the ”Venerdì Rappa” program alongside Albertino and the Deejay TV Nientology series with Diego Passoni in 2010. Currently an on air regular with Pinocchio, La Pina also shares her passions, thoughts and interest with her followers through,a blog covering everything from fashion and music to food and events.


Diego got his big break in TV in Milan, following his period abroad. The Monza-born performer eventually came to the conclusion that his destiny was to become a VJ After appearing in music videos and a series of shows He began working with, a platform that finally allowed him to be himself and explore his passions and tastes and during this period also met La Pina. The rapper and radio host offered him a warm place to stay after finding him living under a bridge, marking the beginning of the pairs friendship. In 2011, the present began working for Deejay TV and has since contributed to programs like ‘L’Isola dei Famosi’ and ‘Dimmi Quando’. As of today, Diego hosts on air with La Pina at Radio Deejay.

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What time of day is best for listening to music? What kind and why?
All of the hours of the day are good for listening to music, but there are a few things to keep in mind: For every  genre there is the right time of day , just like there is for every outfit. The right song at the wrong time can be dangerous and put you in a bad mood… Music is hardly ever background noise for me…. I have to choose carefully. The only time music should ever be in the background is while cleaning and in that case I suggest Walk Like an Egyption by Bangles… trust and try it.

My current obsessions are all things soft, colorful and as they say in Japan “Kawaii”.

Your favorite piece of technology? Why?
The television and fridge are my favorite pieces of technology, keep in mind though that theTV is never at risk of being empty and the fridge is. If I have to choose though I would pick TV… a big one though… enormous!

What kind of technology would you like to see in the future?
In the future I would like to see beds become more technological…also wardrobes…that they organize for the change in seasons or stay organized and fold clothes by themselves… what a trip!

In your opinion, how does art affect fashion?
I don’t know how to put it.. Sometime it just happens, similar to the way in art there are only a few masterpieces, with fashion the pieces that excite you are rare, thankfully, otherwise…. poor wardrobes.

What are you obsessing over lately?
My current obsessions are all things soft, colorful and as they say in Japan “Kawaii”.


What time of day is best for listening to music? What kind and why?
Music is a part of my everyday life, it’s the background of everything I do, even when I’m not on the radio. It what I hear when I work out or run, it’s what I put on while cooking, what keeps me company in traffic, or the rhythm of the preparations for the Christmas holidays. For the new year I have a suggestion: to give music right amount of importance. At least once a week, the way we used to, put in a CD- or turn on the computer- sit on the couch and do the only thing music asks of you…. LISTEN!

Your favorite piece of technology? Why?
The TV remote, that allows me to record, save a program or simply change the channel. I might not be able to control life, but at least I can decide my schedule.

I’m surprised – and slightly embarrassed- to say I’m obsessed with looking at objects for the house

What kind of technology would you like to see in the future? 
I dream that someone invents a ‘mood modifier’- if you wake up wrong, if you can’t find something to wear, if you start your day by spilling your coffee, press a button and suddenly everything are you begins to turn, work.

In your opinion, how does art affect fashion?
Art is the voice our collective consciousness uses to tell us who we are, what we are becoming, what we really want. Fashion provides us with new possibilities and takes this input transforming  it into three dimensions, so we can touch, wear and play.

What are you obsessing over lately? 
I’m in love! I’m living happily with a man who I feel could be for life, I’m surprised – and slightly embarrassed-  to say I’m obsessed with looking at objects for the house, from design furniture to old dining sets, imagining how they would look in our home. I call this phenomenon  ‘sindrome d’arredamento amoroso’ (loving furniture syndrome). From the outside its pathetic, but I’m all in.

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