Rayli Media Group is one of the most influential groups in China and has helped to establish standards within the industry as a “Practical Fashion Magazine”. The group’s core business is the publication of high-end magazines that feature tailor-made content for a diverse readership, including Rayli Fashion and Beauty, Rayli Her Style, Rayli Fashion Pioneer and Leon China. Each magazine covers a variety of different topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle and pop culture. Rayli also deals with diverse digital media operations and is considered leader within the Chinese fashion media industry.


 Fashion changes every day and the tempo is so quick, keep art as the key of fashion won’t be a bad thing.


What time of day is best for listening to music? What kind and why?
I listen to music at work mostly, prefer the music with smooth rhythm rather than the rock or pop. The movie soundtrack is my favorite, which can remind me of the stories and feel relax.

Your favorite piece of technology? Why?
Technology is making a lot of effects on fashion, from selfie which make everybody crazy ,to the high-tech accessories appeared on the fashion shows. The Google Project Glass and the iPhones were such a hit during the fashion week. Technology is continue becoming more chic.

What kind of technology would you like to see in the future?
I show a great interest in the space thing. You know that Christopher Nolan’s film “Interstellar” is really hot right now, I am so into it, so if I can feel the five-dimensional space by myself one day, that will be extremely cool.

In your opinion, how does art affect fashion?
Art really effects fashion a lot. Prada, Celine even OLYMPIA LE TAN all inspired by art and made a big hit. Fashion changes every day and the tempo is so quick, keep art as the key of fashion won’t be a bad thing.

What are you obsessing over lately?
Woo, such a personal question. The winter in Peking is so freezing, I’m planning a tropic island vacation in order to escape from the cold wind. Miss the Summer!

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